Weekly Update 2/9/17

February 9th, 2017

 MissioKids Prep Rally – February 11th – 1pm-3:30pm
MissioKids is hosting a “Prep Rally” to help prepare curriculum and classrooms for the coming months. Please join us February 11th from 1:00-3:30pm. We will be organizing classrooms, printing curriculum, purchasing and prepping materials, making sample crafts, and enjoying some treats together! This is a casual setting and while no childcare is provided, kids are welcome to join. Click HERE to let us know you can make it!

Parent’s Night Out – Valentine’s Day Weekend – Saturday, February 11th -5pm-7:30pm
Need a break? Want a date night? Want some alone time? Leave your kids with us! We’re going to be eating pizza, playing games, and hanging out. Register children HERE

The Bible Class – Starting February 26th, 9:30am
If we’re honest, we can admit that the Bible is a weird book. Maybe it’s the talking snake on page 3, the strange Laws of Leviticus, or the horrors of the histories––whatever it is, a lot of us have a lot of questions about the Bible.
On February 26th at 9:30am, Missio is hosting The Bible class where we will spend three weeks answering three of the biggest questions we have about the Bible: What is it? Where did it come from? What are we supposed to do with it?This class is for everybody. Maybe you’ve been reading the Bible for 20 years, maybe you just started, or maybe you’ve totally rejected it––either way, this class is for you. Register here

Ash Wednesday – March 1st, 7:00pm
Ash Wednesday is the start of a new season in the Church, a season that leads through Lent, Holy Week, and up to the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter. It’s a chance to orient our minds and prepare our hearts so that we can experience all that God has done and is doing.
This year for Ash Wednesday, we will gather as a community on March 1st at 7 PM to worship with art, song, and Scripture. Everyone is invited. Children are welcome to join but there will be childcare for children 5 and under. 

Culture Forum – Faithful Presence: March 11th, 5:30pm
The Bible repeatedly calls us to care for and welcome refugees, but what does that actually look like for a local church living in Salt lake City, Utah? On March 11th at 5:30pm, we will be gathering together to answer that very question. What does it mean for the church to show up in this need? How can we as individuals show up? The night will include various talks, a panel discussion, art from refugee camps in Jordan, and most importantly an opportunity to live out your passion for refugees in a way that matters. 

The Peoples Theology: Episode 3 – All Hail the Guiding Star
What does North Korean Cinema and Jackson Pollock have to do the choices we make every single day? A lot, actually. Check out our newest episode of The Peoples Theology as we explore what it means to be human, what it means to Image God, and what it means to balance power and responsibility. Listen and subscribe here. 

Red Light Ministry Donations
We’re collecting donations for our Red Light Ministry Outreach. We need warm clothing: coats, scarves, beanies, gloves and socks. Also, blankets and sleeping bags are a huge help to the ladies we come across who are sleeping outside. We will have bins to collect donations in the lobby at Missio this Sunday. To learn more about the Red LIght Ministry, please click HERE or email redlightoutreach.slc@gmail.com

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