Jesus was a revolutionary for many reasons, one of them being that he called his people to him in his divine work. He called all of his people, not just some of his people. He didn’t require a certain amount of time on the job or a diploma. He said to go and tell the world about him with your voice and your actions. The ministries of Missio are patterned after his command. Our ministries are not led by paid clergy or religious professionals, but are dreamed up and implemented by the people in our community and their desires to follow where the Spirit of God leads them.

Kids Community Ballet

Date Started: June 2015

Kids of all ages are welcome to join us for free ballet classes at Missio. Our goal is to bless the children in our neighborhood by offering our friendship as a church community through dance and hospitality. We also enjoy connecting with one another outside of class through events and performing opportunities.

First and foremost, we desire that each child feel seen, known, and loved. Dance is always secondary. We long to see our surrounding neighborhoods united together in community, regardless of background. Our hope is to use the medium of dance to encourage children through mental, physical, and artistic skill and healthy, meaningful relationships.

“Let them praise His name with dancing…” – Psalm 149:3

Saturday mornings at Missio Dei Community. Please contact Shelley at for more information.

Missio Youth

Date Started: 2013

Missio Youth is a weekly time for middle and high school students to gather with their peers, experience Jesus, have fun, and develop into genuine disciples of Jesus.

Missio Youth is arising out of a theological conviction that we as a church exist to make disciples of Jesus. We want to support the work of the Church and parents by creating an environment where youth feel the freedom to honestly wrestle with their faith, grow with their peers, experience Jesus, learn His story, and place their hands on the gospel.

Missio Youth meets every Sunday mornings during the 11am service at The Missio Building. If you have any questions about the program or would like to volunteer, email

Moms’ Ministry

Date Started: October 2015

This ministry is designed to provide a time for moms to come hang out with daycare provided for their kids during the day. This provides space to give mothers what they need in that given week, whether that’s company or solitude, rest or stimulation.

Thursdays 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM. For more information or to register, email


Date Started: January 2015

Christianity in Iraq is almost as old as Christianity itself. Now, 2000 years of religious history and tradition is under threat of total extinction. Since the American invasion in 2003, Iraq’s Christian population has dwindled from approximately 1.5 million people to less than 500,000 in 2013. When the city of Mosul fell under the control of the Islamic State in June 2014, local Christians were faced with the prospect of converting to Islam, paying a tax, or being executed. Many chose to flee to Jordan.

Once, they were students, lawyers, and engineers and when they woke up they had purpose and structure. Now, they wait. Their lives have essentially been put on hold until they can be resettled to a Western country to begin again from scratch.

Mike Friberg has traveled to Jordan to take photographs of these “Nasrani” (slang for Christian) refugees and build relationships there. Looking forward, he will be holding a mobile photo workshop with Iraqi Christians and Missio folks, which will focus on sharing stories and making connections through social media with the outside world. This will help them to represent themselves, not just have someone else represent them
Date Started: January 2015

For more information, email or see more about the project here.

Red Light Ministry

Date Started: Fall 2013

This group focuses on serving the women on the streets of Salt Lake City who are engaged in prostitution. These women are primarily on North Temple and State Street and are usually homeless and dealing with addiction issues. Our goal is to meet them where they are, assess their emotional and physical needs and attempt to meet those needs. We walk the streets with supplies and information in hopes of building relationships and serving these women.

This group goes out to walk the streets every Monday evening. If you’d like to join, want to know what supplies you can help provide, or have questions, email

Share The Bounty

Date Started: May 2015

We believe that community happens well outside of our church building on Sundays; that it happens in coffee shops, and in parks, and even in spaces like kneeling in the dirt next to someone as you work toward growing food to share.

Some people have offered their gardens, and others have offered their help to work in these gardens. We work together as a community to grow and cultivate the herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Then we share the harvest among the host, helper, and Missio. The food that Missio gets is available to anyone who needs fresh produce.

Location and times vary. All skill levels are welcome.
Contact Cathy Bergstrom for more information.

The Wedding Feast

Date Started: Spring 2014

Once a month, Kaleb Hanly and other volunteers cook a beautiful meal for a few people in Salt Lake City who don’t have homes. The goal is to treat them like kings, like we would Christ.

If you would like to help sponsor a dinner or help cook, contact