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At the center of all eternity lies a relationship. God, existing as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit has existed relationally forever. Being made in His image, all people have been created by this relational God, and for this relational God. God’s design is for us to experience relational perfection. Yet we don’t. It should come as no surprise to us when we crave deeper, more meaningful relationships. And it should not surprise us that when we have a relationship go sour, all of life goes sour.

At Missio Dei Community we believe real, honest relationships will lead to more meaningful lives. God, for whatever reason, has not created some sort of heavenly pipeline for each of us to relate to Him in isolation. Rather, he has called us into relationship with other people. We pursue relationships based on vulnerability and humility. As we serve one another, suffer with one another, and encourage one another we will be formed into the people God wants us to be. And as this happens, the greater culture will take notice.

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