Community Announcements!

Missio Dei Community Weekly Announcements:

Men’s Breakfast: March 9th
Our next men’s breakfast will be THIS FRIDAY, March 9th.  This will be a time to share breakfast, get to know one another more, and dig into scripture to see how responsibly we are communicating.  The gathering will be led by Jeremy Cox and Kyle Costello and will be held at the Hillcrest Space. We will begin with Breakfast at 6 am and then begin our discussion on the term “born again” at 6:30.  We will finish up by 7:30 for those that need to get to work.

Parent Speak: March 12th
Parent Speak is set for this Monday, March 12th.  We will meet at 6pm at the Missio office space for a potluck dinner….kids included!  This will give parents, kids and volunteers a chance to get to know one another a bit more.  After the meal, the kids will get to play in the basement with a few adult leaders while the rest of us engage in a discussion regarding kids in worship.  We want to be sensitive to your thoughts and questions.  Please take some time to email your feedback and concerns regarding kids in worship to before Monday, so we can be sure to address them.

Elephant Room: starts March 27th
Calling all theology enthusiasts, Bible geeks, or anyone who has thoughts and questions about the Bible, and wants to grow in that knowledge.  Starting on Tuesday, March 27th (and continuing on the last Tuesday of every month) we will be gathering once a month to discuss specific topics within Christianity, where we get the practices we practice, and why we live our lives the way we do.  We will first watch a video debate from a conference called the Elephant Room.  We will then moderate our own discussion on the same topic.  We will hold it at the Missio Dei Community Space starting at 7pm and anyone is welcome to come.  We will have coffee and water, but if you want to bring food feel free to pack it in.  Here is a link to check out the Elephant Room videos and what it is all about –  If you have any questions please email

Baptisms: April 8
Throughout the history of the Christian Church, Baptism has been one of the most universally accepted practices, almost always understood as being connected with the beginning of the Christian life. It is a symbol of our being united with Christ in his death and resurrection. If you have committed yourself to following Jesus and have not yet responded to his call to be baptized, we encourage you to take part in the baptism this coming Easter. (Sunday, April 8th)  If you are interested in being baptized or have any questions please talk to your house church leader or feel free to email

Baby Dedications: April 8
Also on Easter, we will have Baby Dedications as an opportunity for parents to commit themselves to raising their children in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. Dedicating your child to God is a public sign that you are seeking to bring your children up in the ways of Christ, and as a community we stand with you in that passion.  If you’d like to dedicate your child or have any questions please email or

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