Core Values

Everyone orients their life around values. The types of values you hold set the proverbial ship of your life on a certain course. Your values may be clearly identified. They may not be. Our values drive our decisions. They determine how we spend our resources, time, and cash. And here’s the thing: God has values. Jesus is the King of a Kingdom that is breaking into our world. There are many values that drive His Kingdom. At Missio Dei Community, we’ve identified four core values of His kingdom that we are passionate about pursuing. We didn’t create these values, rather, we have discovered them in God’s Word, and actively pursue to arrange our lives around them.



Everyone worships. It is the natural response to the true affections of our heart. We either worship in response to the goodness of the Creator, or we live lives of idolatry worshiping lesser-created things. At Missio Dei we long to be a community of people who respond first and foremost to God. We are a church that is experiencing the goodness of the gospel–freedom from lesser idols–and are constantly being re-centered on Jesus and His work in this world.


At the center of eternity lies a relationship, The Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit existing in perfect union. All people were created in the image of this relational God, meant to live like Him: in relationship with Him and one another. Yet we don’t. Sin separates us from God and from one another, alienating us from our relational source of purpose, value, and joy. But the good news of Jesus is that He, through the cross, is reconciling us back to Himself and to one another. In the gospel we are made family, empowered to live in honest humble relationship with one another. This is the church, God’s people united around God’s work, growing in genuine intimacy with Him and one another.


How did Jesus save the world? By entering it. Jesus, who is God, left his throne, his glory, and his comforts to become like us in every way. He wore clothes, had a mom, paid taxes, suffered loss, and delighted in joy; he became truly human and experienced everything it is to be human in order to know and redeem us. This is his story and he is inviting us to participate in it. Incarnation is to engage in the culture of our city by creatively practicing and proclaiming the gospel–to live incarnate: loving, serving, wooing, and suffering for the city–embodying Jesus in our communities.


At Missio Dei we believe that God has revealed the truth to us. But truth is not about having the right answers, knowing the right ideas, or checking the right boxes. No, ultimate truth is a person: Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life,” and we believe that He was right and that the only way to a true and meaningful life is through him. How do we know Jesus? We believe that God has revealed himself in the pages of his inspired story, the Bible. At Missio Dei we actively work to submit ourselves to God’s story. It is essential that we study his word because through it we come into direct contact with him and are transformed by him.